The EV Royale Condos

The EV Royale Condos

EV Royale is a new condo development in the area of Mississauga Rd and Dundas St. It is located a few meters away from the majestic Credit River meaning that the residents will get a chance to enjoy a cool environment and marvel at soothing waters of majestic credit River. In its neighbourhood lie the green park spaces of Erindale Park not to mention the adjacent breathtaking forests. In fact, these are some of the things that make Erindale Village attractive and a top rated neighbourhood in the GTA.

EV Royale Condos is located in the most prized neighbourhood in GTA.  It boasts of a luxury lifestyle community that guarantees you uncountable pleasures of life.  The facility has several bespoke able quality suites, top rated amenities and breathtaking rivers and a park. If you are looking for a superior luxury living in one of the most prestigious neighborhood in Mississauga, EV Royale Condos is certainly the best option available.

Here are some of the highlights of the EV Royale condos

First, the facility is 11 minutes’ walk away from the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus. It is also close to Highways 403 and 401. The facility is also 9 minutes away from the Erin Mills Town Center and is next to credit valley Hospital.  The facility is located to Mississauga area, which is served with a good road network and gives the residents plenty of transport options. It is close to a restaurant, shops and schools.

EV Royale condos are specifically designed for people who want to live in a unique location and who want to be associated with a community that celebrates the numerous pleasures of life.


Project Location

Located in Mississauga’s most priced neighbourhood.

Great park and river views.

Offers Luxury Living in Mississauga’s high status locality.

Spacious and Stylish suits.