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The EV Royale Condos

EV Royale Condos by YYZed is a new condo project located in the area of Mississauga Rd and Dundas St. When completed, the condos will consist of one of the most sought out units in the Erindale Area. The condo boasts of elegantly designed suites that boast of magnificent amenities no wonder that the EV Royal condo building is considered luxurious and the best place you can choose to live in with your family. EV Royale Condos boasts of spacious suites that are beautifully constructed to grant the residents a chance to love where they live.

EV Royal boasts of an excellent neighbourhood, the fact that the University of Toronto Erindale campus is a stone throw away makes it one of the condo of choice. No wonder that the EV Royale Condos has proved that it is well located for both buyers and investors.

The EV condos is designed by an experienced developer who is not just highly ranked but considered to be the most popular company in Toronto. The firm has a very good reputation and is considered as the most successful firm in the area.

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy suites at the EV Royal condos. First, the suites are located in the area of Mississauga Rd and Dundas St and give the residents a chance to enjoy the Credit River soothing waters, the green spaces of Erindale Park and the breathtaking forests. Erindale is located at a most remarkable GTA neighbourhood. This is one of the most prized neighbourhoods that boast of a luxurious lifestyle and communities that celebrate numerous pleasures of life. The facility has quality and spacious suites, a country club and inspiring amenities and is located in the most prestigious neighborhood.

The EV Royale condo is not just close to the shopping area, but is also close to many dining facilities. Also, it is close to numerous parks like Erindale Park, Huron Park, and Brookmede Park.

The Building

EV Royale condo is meticulously constructed to meet your standards.  It is one of the facilities in the wider Mississauga Road area that combines both the bold modernistic flourishes and the architectural style.  It is designed to create a compelling aesthetic that bridges the present, the past and the future.  The condo is constructed using long lasting bricks, shiny glass and precast stones. It comes with large windows and inviting balconies hence it is the latest landmark building in this prestigious neighborhood.

The suites:

EV Royale consists of spacious and stylish suites that are truly luxurious.  If you are a sophisticated homebuyer, EV Royale is an exclusive facility that guarantees you lavish artisanal suites, which come with all premium features.  Some of the features you will get at the facility include private outdoor terraces, Gourmet Kitchens, spacious master suites, open concept floor plans, and an atmosphere that is elegant and rich.

Why buy EV condos

Erindale is a home to people from different cultural backgrounds.  It has spectacular heritage buildings that date back to 1828. This is where Robinson Adamson house is situated.  It is popularly referred to as the Grange and remains a home of heritage in Mississauga.  This building is one of the few remaining examples of the Canadian architecture. Erindale village hosts Mississauga and is a breathtaking example of the Canadian architecture. The church was erected in 1887 and is one of the stunning buildings that remind the visitors of the 19th century’s heritage.

EV Royale is located a few moments away from the University of Toronto Erindale campus. The university offers more than 148 different courses and about 89 areas of study.  This is one of the universities that guarantee you a world class education.

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Project Highlights EV Royale Condos


First, the facility is 11 minutes’ walk away from the University of Toronto Misssissauga Campus.

It is also close to Highways 403 and 401.

This condo building is also 9 minutes away from the Erin Mills Town Center and is next to credit valley Hospital.  The facility is located to Mississaugu area, which is served with a good road network and gives the residents plenty of transport options.

It is close to a restaurant, shops and schools.

EV Royale condos are specifically designed for people who want to live in a unique location and who want to be associated with a community that celebrates the numerous pleasures of life.

Neighbourhood Amenities

Erindale Park

EV is located a few steps away from   Erindale Park.  This is the largest park in Mississauga that boasts of numerous picnic areas. The park is situated on a 220 acre piece of land and features a playground, a hiking trail, fishing, walking trail and canoeing.

Erindale Go station

EV Royale is strategically located and is served by the Erindale Go Station. This means that if you choose to buy one of the EV Royale suites, you will be guaranteed of a regular bus and train service into and out of the city for 7 days of the week.

Shopping and restaurant facilities: The dining facilities guarantee you a selection of cuisine. Available also are high end shops, boutiques and plazas from where to get all your life’s necessities.

Why buy The EV Royale Condos

Located in Mississauga’s most priced neighbourhood.
Great park and river views.
Offers Luxury Living in Mississauga’s high status locality.
Spacious and Stylish suits.


EV Royale condos location offers:-

Erindale Park

University of Toronto Erindale campus

Erindale Go station

Shopping and Restaurants


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Near by Parks

Erindale Park,

Huron Park

Brookmede Park.




Near by schools

Erindale Secondary School

École élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Brookmede Public School

Sherwood Heights School – Erin Mills Campus

Springfield Public School

The Suites

Spacious & Stylish Suites